Isel Alvarez

Administrative Assistant

Natalie has been with Casa de la Familia since 2009. Natalie oversees the business office and is actively working to perfect operations within Casa de la Familia. Natalie is passionate about promoting change in our communities, working for a future of  safe communities for the generations to come.

Susana Tejeda de Gomez

Case Manager

​Business Office

Natalie McFee

Operations Manager

Karina Palma-Rojas


​Human Resources

Candice has been with Casa de la Familia since 2012. You may find Candice in the community conducting outreach services. Additionally, Candice runs our volunteer program, ensuring our volunteers receive quality experience while simultaneously promoting change within our communities.

Leslee Muñoz

Administrative Assistant

Ana Nogales, Ph.D, 

With Casa de la Familia since 2013, Veronica has excelled in providing excellent services to our patients since her start with Casa as an intern. Veronica now currently leads the case management department    in providing quality case management services to our patients and their families.

Ambar Ramirez

Administrative Assistant

Candice Rodriguez

  Business Outreach Director

Alma Arguello

Billing Associate

Salvador Jimenez

Business Office

Casa de la Familia

Bernarda Martinez

Claims Analyst

Esmeralda Serrano

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Nogales is both the clinical director and founder of Casa de la Familia, overseeing both clinical and administrative staff. Dr. Nogales is actively involved in day to day operations, and is actively developing programs to positively impact our communities. Below are the staff that help make all of what Casa de la Familia offers possible under the leadership of Dr. Nogales.

Cesar Jass

Director of Marketing & Outreach

Karina has been with Casa de la Familia since 2012. Karina oversees administrative staff and is head of the human resources department. Karina shares Casa de la Familia's passion and is a proactive advocate for change in our communities.

Veronica Monge