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Employment Opportunities

CDLF Internship Position

CDLF Counseling Center has internship positions available in Orange and Los Angeles County. Each intern is expected to have a minimum caseload of 15-20 weekly patients. 
Positions available at CDLF Counseling Center are open to anyone who has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology, or Social Work from an accredited institution and who is registered within the state of California. 

Responsibilities & Requirements
* Provide in home therapy [traveling is a requirement] * Ability to organize your own schedule, maximizing your time * Strong administrative skills [completing paperwork accurately] * Exceptional clinical skills * Communication Skills with supervisors and case managers * Problem solving skills * 

* Bilingual in more than one language is preferred, as most of our patients second language is english. * Must be computer savvy and proficient in telecommunication systems * Excellent written and verbal communication skills
At CDLF Counseling we pride ourselves in applying hands on experiences so that interns may attain necessary skills for not only this position, but for their future aspirations as well.  We desire to develop professionals who:
·         will gain clinical experience , understand the importance of  providing crisis intervention and that are able to provide meaningful contributions and develop training  programs.
All compensation is per diem, and varies with the experience and licensure held, and has room for improvement and promotions [increases with clinical skills and length within the agency] within the agency. Casa de la Familia offers medical/dental coverage, flexible benefits, and a great, rewarding, work environment for our full time (30-40 hrs/week) employees
Trainings available

CDLF offers 40 hour domestic violence trainings for employees at no cost. Trauma Informed Care Trainings are also available throughout the year. CDLF encourages inters to participate in community trainings that will enhance their knowledge in working with children and families.
Training/ Orientation 
Interns will receive training and orientation at our center.
Interns will sit with their supervisor and case manager to discuss payroll and paperwork requirements.
All MFT/MSW Interns will receive individual and group supervision each week. Individual supervision will focus on the intern’s own caseload.  Group supervision will include supervisees from a variety of clinical backgrounds and training levels.  

CDLF Counseling is closed on New Year's Day, Cesar Chavez Day (March 31st), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, 4th Thursday and Friday in November (Thanksgiving and the following day), December 24th &25th, & New Years Eve.      

Required application materials: