LaTEENa Power!

Challenges for Latinas

  • 41% of Latinas do not graduate on time with a standard diploma
  • 53% of Latinas become mothers before the age of 20- nearly twice the national average
  • 1 in 3 Latinas have experienced domestic violence
  • Latinas attempt suicide at twice the rate of non-Hispanic teens.
    ​15% of Latinas between 14 and 19 attempt suicide.

Issues covered in the LaTEENa Power! Program:

•Personal goals & dreams
•Valuing education
•Successful role models
•Friendships & peer pressure
•Confronting dating abuse
•Teen pregnancy
•Depression & suicide
•Overcoming fears
•Parental expectations vs.personal expectations
•Earning, budgeting & saving money
•Finding a mentor
•Honoring & respecting yourself


If you are interested in speaking with a representative about the

LaTEENa Power! program in your school or community, please contact:

                            Cesar Jass or Candice Rodriguez



The LaTEENa Power! ​program empowers Latina youth to attain the success they deserve by developing their strengths and envisioning and pursuing their goals. The program is based on the premise- developed by Dr. Ana Nogales in her groundbreaking book, Latina Power!- that Latinas inherit 7 cultural strengths and can use them to succeed in life. 

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