Casa de la Familia

Professional Internships

Casa de la Familia offers a variety of professional internships for those in their masters degree and doctoral degree programs, as well as post masters and post doctoral internships. Casa de la Familia maintains its status as an experienced clinic for the treatment of individuals who have suffered a traumatic event. Training and experience attained through Casa de la Familia (CDLF) is focused on the treatment of trauma.

Our goals for students and interns in our programs is to have an enriching learning experience under the guidance of a clinical supervisor, while learning evidence based techniques for the assessment, intervention, diagnosis and treatment planning for patients.  Additionally, we hope to enhance the individuals understanding and implementation of professionalism and ethical understanding in a clinical setting.

Even more, Casa de la Familia is an advocate for change in our community; Change including increasing the awareness of mental health stigmas and the reduction of violence in our communities. When part of our familia, you will have first hand experience as to how our communities are affected by prominentt social issue, and we invite you to join our causes! The work we do is by no means "easy" - however, it is extremely rewarding! We hope that your experience is so rewarding, in fact, that you stay on board after your internship has been completed.

Please use the navigation bar to find our more about the professional internships we have. Please contacts us if you have any questions that are not addressed - we are more than willing to work with you!